selection step:

selection step:

first step:
  • select design
Select coupling size by:
Load by torque shocks : TKmax > TS * Sz * St + TN * St     ( in accordance with DIN 740 part 2 )
P Drive performance [KW]
n Speed [1/min]
TN Nominal torque [Nm]
St Temperature factor  
Sz Starting factor  
Peak torque over / above mass values and shock factor: TS< TAS/LS * MA/L * SA/L
      Driving side   Load side
Peak value torque shock [Nm] TAS TLS
Moment of inertia [kgm2] JA JL
Shock factor   SA SL
Mass factor [] MA ML
Peak torque coupling [Nm] TSA TSL
  coupling torque [Nm] = TN * St
  Maximum coupling torque [Nm] = TS * Sz * St + TN * St
  Bore from [mm] to:
  Bore from [mm] to:
  Bore from [mm] to:
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