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  • Double-cardanic curved-tooth gear coupling
  • Maintenance-free due to material combination of nylon / steel
  • Compensation for shaft misalignments axial - radial - angular
  • For all drives with continuous operation with medium accelerations and low shock loads
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  Design M / Design I
Design M
  • Nylon sleeve for shaft distance dimension E = 4 mm.
  • The middle link serves for the axial securement of the sleeve.
  • In assembled condition the sleeve cannot be displaced axially.

Design I
  • The axial limit is ensured by two circlips which are centrally assembled.
  • Same asssembly like in case of type M.
BoWex Design M with sleeves made from carbon fiberstrengthened polyamide
    Design M
  • transmits higher torques
  • explosion-protection II 2G EEx c IIC T4 (ATEX 95)
  • no electrostatic charge of the nylon sleeves
  • protection against friction and shock sparks dependent on design
BoWex Design AS
  • Axial sleeve limit by circlips laterally assembled at the sleeve.
  • By loosening the circlips the coupling sleeve can be displaced axially and the coupling can be assembled or disassembled radially.
BoWex Design Spez.- I
  • Fixing of the coupling sleeve by circlips at one coupling hub.
  • Easy assembly due to axial plug-in.
  • This type is particularly suitable for blind assembly.
  • For applications where the drive or the driven part must be often exchanged via the coupling.
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