KTR Quick Selection
Input for calculation :   General drive
1. Driving side: Put in the IEC Motor specification or fill in the full drive parameters.
2. Driven side: Select the component on the driven side and fill in the corresponding data
3. Fill in the bore diameters on the driving and the driven side
As result you will get coupling types suitable for your individual application.
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Driving side Driven side
 Drive torque: [Nm]  
 Starting / Peak torque: [Nm]  
 Speed : [1/min]  
 Starts per hour : [-]  
 Temperature : [°C]  
Driving side     Driven side
   Shaft diameter [mm]   
Finish bore and keyway [mm] Bore tolerance ISO286 [ H7 ] keyway to DIN 6885 [ JS9 ]

Hints regarding the coupling selection with operating factors:
The operating factors used are based on experiences estimating the operating behaviour of drive and driven machine. In case of a periodic running of the machines or when starting or braking larger masses a special selection acc. to DIN 740 or a torsional vibration calculation must be made by the manufacturer of the coupling.
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